Jing, in Chinese, means an eternity obtained though a spiritual transcendence; an elevation to the next level. For 26 years, a restaurant called West Side Cottage once stood where Jing is now, perpetually serving good authentic Chinese food. However, due to competition with a multitude of Chinese takeout locations, it was very difficult to sustain even though business was consistent. Numerous other Chinese restaurants eventually closed their doors and were replaced by Thai, Vietnamese, and other trendy Asian restaurants. This kind of competition is the reason why Jing was created; a whole new restaurant, a new look, and new dishes (as well as returning traditional dishes, with a more modern execution). The name Jing is exactly what the food here aspires to. At its heart, Jing’s food is still traditionally Chinese, but the body has been lifted to a higher plane; a place where you will find modern looks, bold flavors, and eclectic accompaniments that strive to be a wholly memorable dining affair. The experience can be complemented with a variety of hand picked wines, and always includes attentive service in a alluring atmosphere. Jing is not trendy, not classical, and it is not fusion. It is transcendence.